Launched in late-2019, the 4-star Victoria Mekong is one of the region’s newest ships, a masterpiece of style and design.

Victoria Mekong Cruise is operated by Victoria Mekong Cruises, a joint venture between Thien Minh Group - one of Asia's leading travel & hotel groups and Wendy Wu Tours, a travel group leading in the UK.

One of Asia’s leading travel and hospitality groups since 1994, Thien Minh Group (TMG) manages an extensive portfolio of 3- and 4-star properties, cruises and premium transportation options including vintage trains, Cessna airplanes, and ships of all sizes.

Notable brands managed by TMG include Victoria Hotels & Resorts, ÊMM Hotels & Resorts, iVivu, L’Azalée Cruises, Emeraude Classic Cruises, and Hai Au Aviation.

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